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Research activities. Preparation, characterization and analytical applications of biomimetic systems: i) molecularly imprinted polymers for the selective extraction of organic molecules, metallic and inorganic ions from complex samples; ii) triazine-based combinatorial libraries as selective stationary phases for protein capture; iii) screening of polymeric libraries for the selection of novel solid phases for the extraction of organic compounds. Preparation, structural characterization and binding studies of functionalized polimeric, metallic, inorganic and composite nanostructured materials based on: i) monolith macroporous silica; ii)polymeric materials by hierarchical approach; iii) functionalized nanoporous gold for biosensor applications; iv) supported polymeric thin films via controlled polymerization approaches.

Thesis proposals (second level's degree): synthesis, characterization and analytical applications of polymeric materials with molecular recognition properties towards compounds of interest (specific experimental topics will be specified by direct contact)

Thesis proposals (Bachelor's degree): short experimental research topics on key issues under development in the lab (if interested, please contact me for further details)


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